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Computers hold your important files, family photos, records, accounting and so on. Losing your data without a backup would be a disaster. If you are experiencing problems with your computer or its hard drive, or with a laptop or an external hard drive or with a camera memory card - we can help! We fix computers (bringing PC's back to life) and we recover data!

You may have encountered a problem with data loss if you observe any of the following:

  • -Water or another liquid was spilled on the hard drive or computer
  • - Water or another liquid was spilled on the hard drive or computer
  • -The computer or hard drive was physically damaged by dropping, hitting against the wall, etc.
  • -The computer or hard drive overheated for any reason or was damaged by fire
  • -The computer or hard drive was damaged as a result of an electrical power surge or outage
  • -The computer or hard drive was damaged as a result of an earthquake, storm, or natural disaster
  • -Some or all of the partitions have been formatted (e.g., using fdisk)
  • -You hear grinding or clicking noises coming from the computer or hard drive
  • -A file or folder on your hard drive becomes inaccessible due for no apparent reason, or due to virus attack or virus infection
  • -A file or folder was accidentally deleted
  • -The hard drive is no longer recognized by the BIOS after rebooting
  • -The system BIOS displays the message "Primary hard disk failure" or "Secondary hard disk failure"
  • -The system displays the error message "boot disk error, insert boot disk press any key to continue"
  • -The system displays the message "NTLDR is missing, Press any key to restart"
  • -The partition table is corrupt or damaged for any reason.
  • -The system displays the message "Operating system not found" or "missing operating system"
  • -The BIOS recognizes the hard drive but with incorrect parameters
  • -The BIOS recognizes the hard drive but the data is inaccessible
  • -The hard drive reports bad sectors

What To Do If You Encounter Data Loss?
Immediately turn off and stop using your computer or hard drive - any further use can endanger your data beyond anybody's ability to recover. If the hard drive is connected to the computer, do not power on or restart your computer.

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